Private Yoga

Yoga Tailored To Your Specific Needs & Goals

The best way to obtain a personal yoga practice or deepen your existing yoga practice (personal or in class) is with one on one attention. Private yoga sessions are tailored to your specific needs whatever they may be, from; stress reduction and coping, to building and maintaining muscle mass, flexibility, or maybe you really just want to develop the ability to do forearm balances. Whatever your goals may be, taking private yoga sessions is the perfect way to achieve them. We offer a variety of session packages so that you can choose which one best suits you.

Key Benefits of Yoga:  

  • Doing yoga has also been proven to assist in better digestion and elimination. 

  • Improves heart health. 

  • Tones the nervous system making the stresses of life easier to cope with.

  • Addresses insomnia, not just falling asleep easier but also staying asleep.

  • Injury prevention by keeping your joints flexible and your muscles balanced. 

Private Yoga Pricing

45-Minute Private Yoga Sessions

1 Session


5 Sessions


10 Sessions


60-Minute Private Yoga Sessions

1 Session


5 Sessions


10 Sessions


All prices include HST.

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