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Deep Tissue Massage – No pain no gain is my view here, by applying deep pressure to the muscle and fascial tissue a therapist can assist the body in releasing tension and strain by tricking the proprioceptors in the tissue causing them to lengthen. Along with creating a nervous system response causing the body to bring blood, oxygen and other nutrients to the areas of the body being worked on and in doing so flushing any build-up of toxins in the tissue. Creating a healthier happier musculoskeletal system.

This form of massage helps with muscular aches and pains, tension headaches, low back pain, knee pain, shoulders (rotator cuff injuries), carpal tunnel, syndrome sports acquired injuries, TMJ, and much more.


Relaxation Massage – general relaxation massage, reduces stress and anxiety, muscle aches and stiffness.


Cupping – is more challenging to describe. Instead of pushing into the muscle the action of the cupping uses suction which instead pulls on the tissues, not just the muscle but also the fascia which is great to reduce scar tissue and get into areas that may be too painful for deep tissue massage. Cupping provides deep pain relief, relieves joint discomfort, reduces cellulite, and tones the skin. It is often used in conjunction with other techniques.



Cranial Sacral Therapy –is fabulous for exhaustion, is a subtle therapy that balances disturbances in the cranial-sacral rhythm within the body. It increases mental clarity. focus, as well as energy. Cranial Sacral Therapy is especially helpful in infants and the elderly. However, people of all ages can benefit from this type of treatment and can be incorporated within other techniques.



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